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Thanksgiving...the BEST time to be pregnant!

As we are approaching Thanksgiving this week....I can't help but think how awesome it was being pregnant for two of my Thanksgivings! I mean..we all know that we gather around the table and eat until our hearts are completely content. Most years I wear my nice fall clothes for this family gathering (I have a LARGE family). I enjoy looking nice for those out of towners I haven't seen in a while and for the pictures that are sure to be taken....but man, jeans absolutely do not give way after all of that turkey, dressing, and the endless amounts of pie... and then the bloating just makes impossible to keep that top button secured... am I right?

So here is to you pregnant Mamas! Enjoy every minute of those AMAZING maternity jeans that will stretch and give way so that you can stuff yourself....because, after all, you are eating for another human! No need to fear about bloating because you have that amazing basketball belly that will surely look amazing no matter how much you eat! You have the right of passage this year to wear the most stretchy outfit you can find and eat more than anyone in the room! Go for it and proudly be the pregnant mama at the feast!

This year I am thankful for those wonderful maternity pants that should also be nicknamed Thanksgiving pants. I am thankful for those two Thanksgivings I got to use the belly to call dibs on dessert and the last roll! Although I am saddened that I no longer get to partake in Pregnancy Thanksgiving I will rejoice with all of you that do! ....Is it ok to where maternity pants just to eat?? Hmmm I think maybe I shall contemplate that this year!


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