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Let’s Talk Books!  My top four books for pregnant mamas!

As pregnant mamas we get so much advice from so many well meaning people, but advice overload can be overwhelming to a first time mom!  Personally, I find a few good books from well respected authors to be the key to breaking down and digesting the information ... or sometimes misinformation you might receive.  So, today I share my top four favorite pregnancy and childbirth books! 

1) Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth

This book is probably one of my all time favorites!  It is loaded with personal birth stories from many moms from all walks of life.  It is incredible to hear their journeys to motherhood and how amazing our bodies are!   She also covers different ways a woman’s body works throughout the labor process.  PSA: this book does have live imagery so if that isn’t your thing just be aware ;) 

2) The Birth Partner 

The birth partner is a great book to read with your spouse or birthing partner!  This book has some great information on labor, comfort measures,labor positions, interventions that may occur and the methods and reasons behind them.  

3) Mama Naturals Guide to Pregnancy and Childbirth

If you are a natural minded person you will love Genevieve’s approach to pregnancy and childbirth.  She is great at explaining the natural progression of pregnancy and childbirth from a not so medicalized perception.  

4) The Simple Guide to Having a Baby

This book is loaded with great factual information.  It deals with everything from a healthy pregnancy to exactly how your labor will progress.  It is a “childbirth ed” manual of sorts in my opinion.  If you are new to all things pregnancy and birth and need to know the details, this is a wonderful book! 

So, what were some of your favorite reads for pregnancy? Let me know in the comments! 

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