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Five of my Pregnancy, Birth and Postpartum must haves!

Every new mom has her favorite items that she falls in love with and are my top 5! (Disclaimer: always ask your provider before trying a new supplement) 

1. Rainbow Light Prenatal Vitamins         (Vitamins can be purchased here)

- So.... you are wondering why these ? Two words...non-constipating! BINGO!  I don't think anyone likes being backed up, but when you are pregnant it is definitely not fun!  I also love that they are plant based.  I do find that they are not as pungent as some of the other prenatal vitamins I have tried.  So if you are "in the market" for a prenatal maybe give these a go! 

2. Belly Band

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- So, this is one of those items that I definitely think comes down to personal preference!  I really love them for that 2nd trimester pooch when you can still squeeze into your old clothes, but they won't quite button! They are also great for postpartum wear when you are getting back down into your normal size! If you hate the high wasted panel pants you may not love these, but I do find they are comfortable rolled down once as well.  In the long run, I think maternity jeans are so expensive and the belly band is great for saving you a few bucks! 

3. Birth Ball 

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- So many benefits here from pregnancy to postpartum! Personally, I don't think I would do another pregnancy without one.  During pregnancy the ball can be used for gentle workouts, pelvic circles, back pain relief, and stretching.  I find it very beneficial to keep you in a posture that keeps the pelvis open.  It can also be used during labor! (My personal favorite)  It can aid in many great labor positions and also give mom a place to rest her head during breaks from  her surges!  Postpartum.... well you probably already know !  If you have a fussy baby... bouncing can wear you out, so in comes the birth ball! Sit, bounce and soothe baby! 

4. Red Raspberry Leaf Tea

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- **Always check with your provider before trying red raspberry leaf tea** 

That being said, I did like using it for my pregnancies and postpartum uterine toning.  It is believed that when used properly it can tone and strengthen the uterus.  This may possibly help your contractions be more affective, as well as, help the uterus shrink down to normal size quickly.  Some people hate hot tea and others love it!  If you like a nice hot tea and you are pregnant maybe it would be of interest to you!  As long as any herbal supplement is used under the care of your midwife or OB I am all for it! And hey, if you aren't pregnant maybe give it a go for your monthly cycles ! 

5. A Wrap for Babywearing 

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- There are so many to choose from!  I can't give you a review on every wrap (although I wish I could) but I can give you the pros and cons of having one!  I have tried on a few of my friends and felt different brands.  They each have great qualities to offer.  I personally started with a moby wrap because I found it on sale.  That being said.... you may want to look into light weight options if you are due during the summer! I did love it but, it was so very heavy and hot!  I recently wore a solly baby and I will say that it is much cooler and easier to work with in my opinion.  They are a bit more expensive, but I think I would invest in the solly baby if I were to do it all over!  There are also a variety of woven wraps that vary in price.  The pros of wraps are: comfort for baby, easy to breastfeed while wearing, can be worn several different ways, easy to wash, and of course your hands are free!  The cons: learning curve, sometimes get hot, and your babysitter may not be able to put it on ;)  

I hope you enjoyed learning about my favorite items and found some helpful resources!  What are your favorite pregnancy and birth items? Leave a comment so I can check them out! 

* I was not paid by any companies to share these items.  These are my personal reviews from personal experience !* 

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