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I cannot say enough great things about Courtney. She has been an incredible support since day one! She was amazing at helping me understand what my desires for birth were, helping me structure my birth plan, and discussing pregnancy/labor/postpartum to help prepare me for what to expect.

At the birth center she helped me find so many ways to stay relaxed and comfortable especially when the contractions were getting overwhelming. She was so consistent and gentle about reminding me to relax.

Highly highly highly recommend Courtney for any birth experience you're planning to have.

-E. Kelly

Courtney will be excellent and valuable member of your birth team!  She is passionate about supporting moms in achieving their goals in labor and delivery by educating, listening, trusting and serving you all along the way.  She served as my doula for my third birth which took place at a local birth center.  I've given birth at home, in a hospital, and this most recent time, at the birth center.  I loved having Courtney there in addition to my husband and sister (and the midwives). It's reassuring to know there is someone there that's aware of your birth plan and can advocate objectively for you and help you and your partner remember what you wanted. But not only that, it was just like having your close friend in the room. She took the time to get to know me in our prenatal meetings and not just the all the birthy stuff, but also who I really am as a whole person.  As a result, she was a vital emotional support in the more intense moments when time for labor came. Her calm words of encouragement came just at the right times. Sometimes the doctor or midwives have to leave the room, and it's so great to have someone there with you at EVERY moment who can share their knowledge and insight as well as be a physical support for you as you deal with contractions, etc. As a mom experienced and educated already with the process of birth, I can't empasize how important having someone like Courtney there is. She will be such a vital member of your support team whether it's your first baby or your tenth!

                                                     - R. Powell

From the first correspondence between Courtney and me, I knew she was the one! She was prompt and thorough in her initial responses and very professional. When my husband and I first met with her, she exceeded our expectations and we were sure that we wanted to hire her for our first birth! Throughout pregnancy, she came to our home on multiple occasions to provide information and teaching on various aspects of labor and delivery, as well as postpartum care. She made it very personal, finding out what type of birth we wanted and how we envisioned her role as doula. She constantly engaged my husband during these meetings, ensuring that we were both preparing for one of the most exciting moments of our lives. Courtney provided us with great resources to research and read to help us further prepare. As we past my due date and were approaching possible induction (which was not part of our birth plan), Courtney gave us great advice to help speed things along as well as a way to talk with the midwife and ensure that induction was actually necessary at the point. Three days before induction, labor began! Courtney was available on the phone to walk us through anything we needed and then met us at the hospital later that night. Throughout the birth, she was perceptive to what I needed - just enough hands-on to be a huge help and advocate without getting in the way of my husband and my interactions. She gave my husband great insights into what to try to help me cope with the pain as well as offered to help when he needed a break. When things stalled a bit and the OB offered some options on ways to speed it up, Courtney was there to walk through the options with us to know what was best for mama and baby. We could not have done an all-natural childbirth without Courtney. She was amazing in every way and truly made our experience what we hoped it would be! I would hire her again and again. 

                                    -Laura L.

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