Do you have a Back Up Doula?

Yes!  I network with several local doulas and will have a back up should an emergency arise and I am unable to attend your birth.

Do you attend home births?

Yes!  I will attend hospital, birth center and home births as long as they are accompanied by a licensed midwife or physician.

When will you join me during my labor?

I will be available via phone or email from the beginning of labor for any questions you or your partner may have.  Once you feel that you need more support and the comfort measures we have discussed, I will join you at your home or chosen birthplace. This will vary from woman to woman.  Some women may not need their doula until intense active labor, while others may need the emotional support earlier in labor.

I know I want to use pain medication and/or an epidural...why use a doula?

Doulas can be very beneficial even if a mother chooses to use an epidural.  A mother will have to feel some of her contractions  during the beginning of labor, and a doula can help with relaxation and pain coping techniques.  Once the epidural or medication is administered a doula can help with position change to help labor to progress quickly and is also there constantly as an emotional support.

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